Sunset tonight was clear blue sky w/pink stripes. Nice!

Last night I was in bed by midnight. That makes a big difference. And today I started practicing w/Bach preludes & fugues (2). Makes my soul happy.

My goal for the next hour is to find the best place to store addresses on my computer. Since Vista has “improved” things that don’t need improving, such as Word, this is no longer obvious or easy. The preferred location would be the easiest to make mailing labels from.

So, I’m off to look @ WP options…

OK, I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. And the winner is: Microsoft Works. There’s an address book converter that sets up Avery labels. The field names are less clear than the Windows version ~ however, when the results are misaligned, when you add returns/spaces, they auto-correct. Of course, I’ve only experimented w/one address… more to come.