YES! I’ve still got it. This afternoon I was sitting near the back door of the bus. At one stop, a mother stood up, wanting to exit w/her son in his stroller. The driver only opened the front door. So I brazenly yelled, “BACK DOOR!” like any self-respecting (former) New Yorker, and things proceeded very well.

People who live here think that’s out of line, but I don’t care. It works. (Actually, it works sometimes. At other times, people look @ me like I’m nuts, and they don’t move any faster ~ i.e., getting a phone still took 4 days.)

Later, @ CVS, raisins were on sale, 4 pkgs. for $5. I took 2. After leaving the store & walking 3 blocks, I discovered that the cashier had charged me full price. A $4.50 refund seemed worth going back for, so I did. I got a different cashier, who went to look @ the sale sign. Turns out it was on the wrong shelf, intended for the smaller pkgs. Not my fault, so she GAVE me my 2 larger pkgs. for FREE! I saved 8 bucks! Definitely worth the 2nd trip.

Last nite I finally made it to bed by midnite. Woke up tired this morning, tho. Plenty of sleep, and the people upstairs went to bed b4 I did (their kids did, too). So maybe I need to try being in bed by 11. Hopefully that won’t need to change to 10….

Practiced well this afternoon. There are 4 difficult pieces on the 2 chorus concerts coming up. Today I totally conquered 1 of them, w/a week to go til the concert. : )

Didn’t quite finish practicing everything, but left @ the most convenient time for the bus sched. It’s impt. to have balance, too. I need to go outside, and can’t practice ALL the time.