Great lunch on a gray day. On a sidewalk in Easthampton, there was a menu board listing tuna melt. So I went into the place. On the board inside, there was something even better ~ chicken salad whole wheat wrap w/walnuts and cranberries. Totally unexpected ~ I’d had pizza on my last trip ~ and very, very yummy. I think I’ll go back!

Later on the same sidewalk, a young father was walking along holding his baby son. The baby didn’t want to wave, but he had the best smile.

Another nice surprise was the bus that was sitting @ my stop long before the one I was expecting to take. There’s an entire bus line I didn’t know about!

And it’ll warm up any day now…

This morning I spent 2 hrs. on the phone taking care of business stuff, then practiced for 20 min. What’s wrong w/this picture????? Will have plenty of time to practice on Wed. & Thurs. The list of remaining biz stuff can be done over 2 days.