I’ve had it, HAD IT, w/the people upstairs. Last nite they kept me awake ’til 2 a.m. w/their loud stereo (even louder w/the window open) and toddler. She’s bigger & stronger now, so instead of doing laps & pushing toys across the bare floor, she scrapes furniture & lifts & drops it.

They don’t get it that there are other people in the world. Why do they set no limits for their children? Normal bedtime for these kids is 1 a.m.

I woke up @ 1:30 p.m., which limited my practice time for tonight’s rehearsal. So i did the best I could, made dinner shorter, and played well anyway. This is NOT the way I like to live, though.

Tonight’s rehearsal was fun! A chorus populated mostly by G&S types rehearsed different music that they’re not used to singing. Interesting to see people deal w/that.

A little boy @ The Pub was standing in the aisle w/a balloon, enthuastically saying ‘Hi” to everyone. The Greeter. : )