Where do you look for inspiration? Been outside lately?

During the past two weeks, I’ve enjoyed walking outdoors, increasing toward racewalking speed after a broken foot (felt like house arrest).

All day today, we had HHH weather. Too humid to breathe. Then a wind came up. It looked to be about 50/50 between getting soaked or making it home, so I took a chance and walked. Made it! The only bunny was in my back yard as I was leaving, but the cooler air felt well worth it. : )

Sometimes people stare at the sidewalk. What’s so interesting about that? Do they know what they’re missing?

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve noticed the patterns of bluejays’ feathers; the brightness of goldfinches in the sun; and been surprised by cardinals flying suddenly in front of me, catching the sun.

Watching the play of light in the evenings is so beautiful.

You can watch the sunset. Even in NY, if you stand in the middle of the street, you can see it. But people don’t look. Have they forgotten that sunsets happen?

You can listen to the wind in the trees and feel it on your face and blowing through your hair.

Even weeds can be beautiful. They go through many stages. One year, while hiking in a blizzard, I saw the outside structure of a weed filled with ~ not flowers, but snow!

In the Fall, you’ll enter a land of yellow light when walk near a yellow tree. Even the air feels yellow!

During the winter, every snowfall is different. Have you noticed? Even in traffic, everything is silent. And ice storms, though destructive, are also beautiful.

My suggestion would be, especially if you haven’t tried it, to turn off your phone, leave your iPod at home, go outside and focus on your surroundings. There’s plenty going on.

For winter, you can get a waterproof and windproof shell jacket with a hood. It’s fun! And you won’t even feel cold. (Although that might depend on how fast you’re moving!)

Today I practiced part of my NY program slo-mo. 1 Bach prelude & fugue, 1 Messiaen prelude. Total time: 1-1/2 hrs. Stopped 1/2 hr. early in order to mail PR at the post office.

Go outside!

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