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The Honolulu Symphony has filed for bankruptcy.  Two concert series I have played in have cut back from 7 to 6 and from 4 to 2 concerts this season, respectively.  Numerous schools have no arts programs at all.  And on and on.

How can we as individuals act to help keep the arts vibrant?

There are many things each of us can do, even without contributing funds.

Attend a concert

purchase a ticket

go to one of many free concerts available

go to an open rehearsal

Your presence at an event is a contribution!  What would any event be
without an audience?

Attend an art show, dance performance, or poetry/book reading

GO BACKSTAGE! (More about this in a future post)

Participate in kids’ arts activities by going with your kids and talking
about the activities afterwards  (More about this is coming, too)

take your kids’ friends, too

take the neighbors’ kids

Volunteer your time


help with fundraising

distribute concert publicity to media

place posters in strategic places

Host an arts party

price of admission = an artistic contribution, such as a song, poem,
dance, video, photo, or painting

I attended such a party that was absolutely fantastic.  In fact, I’m still
wishing I’d had a tape recorder.  The host was a folk singer.  Everyone
else there was a singer, too.  Each person had a different type of song
to offer:  early American, Shaker, folk, blues, spiritual, gospel… you get
the idea.  Someone from the Revels came.  (Everyone there was a professional singer, so it struck me that everything was authentic, with a lifetime of experience behind it, not learned in school.)  This was all very informal ~ they just went around the room, remaining seated.

Take the tour

theater, your town’s auditorium, the Met, Lincoln Center

talk to the people who work there, such as the house manager
and the stage manager.  You’ll hear wonderful stories!

Go to an opera screening

Contribute whatever funds you can

to public radio

to public television

to a favorite arts organization that needs your help

Even small contributions do matter!

The arts, now more than ever, need your help.  Please participate!

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