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Venezuelan Merengue in 2/4 notation
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This week’s New Yorker contains a wonderful article about music, “Two Beats.”  I urge you to read it!

In this article, Alec Wilkinson talks about a recording made by two jazz artists, their friends, and Cecil Licad, who is a stunning classical pianist.

She performs as a soloist, but only rarely in other situations.

As it happened, there was an ensemble problem while the group was recording, as the article’s title suggests.

As a collaborative pianist, I was intrigued by the way things worked out!


While a fellowship student at Tanglewood, I had the great pleasure of hearing Cecile Licad at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont.  She was 16 years old, and performed the Franck Quintet with 4 string players.  All of them were more than twice her age.

Licad was completely stunning.  No one in the audience that day will ever forget that wonderful experience.  If you have an opportunity to hear her live, GO!  And if not, listen to a recording.

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