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I discovered something this week. 

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A few years ago, I learned this piece, then put it away.

Along the way, I practiced it from time to time, but still didn’t feel ready to perform it.


Last weekend, a friend passed away.  I had wanted to offer to play for her service, but didn’t quite know how.  Her husband then requested that I play.  I feel honored to do so.

What to play?

The service will be in a church with a good piano.  I wanted to offer something appropriate and meaningful, not last minute thrown-together music that no one would care to listen to.

Once again, I thought of this wonderful transcription.  But why would I magically be able to play it now?

On Thursday, I finally tried it.  After having the flu for nearly two weeks, I must be more relaxed than usual.  Also, there was neither time nor energy to try too hard.

And… now I can play the piece!  What a nice surprise.  I am looking forward to playing it for the service.

This is the entire prelude for the service:

Liebster Jesu, the hymn by Johann Rudodlph Ahle

Liebster Jesu, harm. J.S. Bach

Prelude  in B flat minor, J.S. Bach, WTC I

Ich ruf’ zu dir, Bach-Busoni

La colombe, Messiaen (with a nod to the bird club)

Prelude in E minor, Chopin

Rest in peace, Sally.

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