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This post is for computer users, too.

On days when I practice for a long time and/or use a computer, I stretch when I’m done.

(OK, I stretch every day.  It’s easy, it works, and it doesn’t take long.)

We have all seen people’s necks set forward, head in front of their shoulders.  Often the shoulders are rounded, even in young people.

We find ourselves hunching forward at times to read the music in bad light or to read small print.

Goes with the territory, right?

Well, no.  It doesn’t have to.

Stretching is one way to counteract the problem.

7 easy stretches you can do

  1. With hands clasped behind back, stretch shoulders backwards for 15 seconds.  Reverse hand position, repeat.
  2. Stretch arms, starting from sides, up over head.
  3. Place hands on hips, then bend back at the waist for 30 seconds.  (Let head drop back, too.)  Repeat.
  4. Shoulder shrugs.
  5. Backwards shoulder circles.
  6. Arm circles both ways with arms straight out at sides.
  7. With arms still out, bend elbows so hands are facing forward.  Stretch shoulders and upper arms back several times.

Don’t overdo it.  Stretching to 85% of your maximum range is fine.  You will notice that you can stretch further after about 20 seconds.  3 reps will take care of it.

You can always repeat the stretches a few more times during the day.

Arm and hand stretches serve a different purpose, and are covered in a previous post.  They, too, are extremely important to our longevity as well as for preventing injury.

Best time to stretch

Any time!  Ideally, stretching immediately after playing/typing would be wonderful.  But sometimes we all have other things to do.

I find myself stretching while waiting in line somewhere, waiting for a bus, using the microwave, or in the shower.  Stretching also helps following a long car/bus/train ride.  Stretching more than once a day is very helpful.

I don’t want to be a hunchback any time soon.

How do you take care of your back?  Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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