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Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo
Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo ~ Image via Wikipedia

The Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the Magi at the manger in Bethlehem. It is the 12th day of Christmas, which falls on January 6th.

Act I

by the Mississippi River

The church I grew up in is a mile from the Mississippi River.

On Epiphany Sunday every year, the “Three Kings” processed to the front of the church. They were high school boys in costume. Each “king” sang a verse of “We Three Kings” (what else?).

I attended the same church for 15 years, so the Epiphany activities were routine to me. The costumes were not elaborate, and the “kings” sang the best they could.  I knew what to expect, and didn’t think about it much.

Act II

by the Hudson River

Fast forward to several years later.

Following graduate school, I moved to New York.  Soon after, I joined The Riverside Church.

Epiphany rolled around.  And the “Three Kings” processed down the aisle once again.

But this time it was different.

Imagine my surprise and delight upon seeing the costumes, worthy of The Met!  And the singers were not only good, they were opera singers!

Fantastic, amazing, goose bump material.  Have you ever heard “We Three Kings” sung really well?

And the (indoor) nativity scene had a real baby!

I will always be grateful to have had that experience.  You should go!

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