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Why do you perform?

Is it because:

  • It’s a school requirement
  • My teacher is having a studio recital
  • I got a gig


  • I love the music
  • I want people to love the music as much as I do
  • I want the audience to have a profound experience

What do you put into it?

Just the basics:

  • I always pay close attention to the notes and dynamics on the page
  • I make sure to use good technique
  • I feel I’ve failed when I miss a note


  • I breathe with the music and play like a singer
  • I know my part so well that I can listen to the other instruments and interact with them
  • My nerves go away because I am the music
  • The music reaches the audience through me
  • My entire being becomes the music ~ body, soul, breathing, the way I play ~ everything

Music is not what’s on the page

A moving performance takes all you’ve got!

  • preparation
  • attention to detail
  • good technique
  • not only focus, but channeling through you to the back row of the balcony

Are you there yet?  Do you have what it takes?

I visualize my music channel as a closed conduit, like a pipeline.  The diameter is large enough to handle everything required, but not so large as to dissipate the energy there.  Everything I’ve got is channeled through the pipeline, all the way to the back row of the balcony.

How do you visualize your performances?  Where does your energy go?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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