Brenda Putnam, American sculptor, 1890-1975

Brenda Putnam, American sculptor, 1890-1975 ~ Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

In January, an acquaintance called to see if I would be interested in being interviewed for the Rethinking the Creative Economy Project

Of course I immediately said, “Yes!”  I felt honored to be asked.

Two graduate students at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst received a grant through the efforts of U.S. Representative John Olver.  Over 100 artists from various disciplines were interviewed.  The geographical area of the project is Greater Franklin County, which includes part of Hampshire County (where Amherst is located).  You may know the area as the I-91 corridor.

Gwen Lux, American sculptor and designer, 1908-1986, in her studio ~ Image via Wikipedia

Goals of the project include raising communitys’ awareness of the arts in and around them, fostering collaboration among artists, and promoting actions that enable artists to survive.

In addition to having participated in the project as an interviewee, I am transcribing some of the interviews.  Very interesting!

Street Musician, Quebec City ~ Image via Wikipedia

Ideas like this need to be implemented a lot more often!  Making art is largely the work of individuals.  Collaboration should be encouraged and facilitated.

As I receive more information about the project, you will see updates on this blog.

What arts initiatives are taking place in your area?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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