The Rethinking the Creative Economy Project continues!

There are more interviews to be transcribed than I thought!  3 down, 17 to go!  Glad I asked!

Apollinaire's calligramme (1918).

Apollinaire's calligramme (1918) ~ Image via Wikipedia

So far, I have “met” a poet, a collagist, and a potter.   Having worked in a corporate law firm for several years, which used repetitive language in the extreme, I have to say I’m enjoying the variety here.  Everyone expresses themselves differently, of course, both in speech and in their art.  And as the project proceeds, I find that I am becoming more and more intrigued with each artist’s unique perspective. 

Kurt Schwitters, Das Undbild, 1919, Staatsgale...

Kurt Schwitters, Das Undbild, 1919, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart ~ Image via Wikipedia

UMass, it turns out, makes agreements with independent contractors for relatively small monetary amounts, writing further agreements as necessary.  So there will likely be a few more of those.

4 Mugs & 1 Pitcher

3 mugs and 1 pitcher ~ Image by Martin Cathrae via Flickr

And since I am awaiting checks for all 3 completed interviews, I expect that I will be paid for some time to come.


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