The Dog Ate My Homework 1

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Here are a few contenders, provided by piano students, for the “Best Excuses” list.  I’m sure every teacher has some memorable additions!

I’ve put my (short) list into categories, just for fun.

And, by the way, whenever something like this happens, I teach the kid a lesson anyway!


I forgot my music.

Who, me?

My mom forgot my music.

The winner (unless you’ve heard something better)!

Another piano teacher shared this during a break at a chorus rehearsal:

The cat threw up on my music!  (This is the absolute truth.  How did she know?  The kid produced the evidence!  What happened next remains a subject for further inquiry.)

Now it’s your turn.  Please share your “best”
excuses in the comment section below!  And then we’ll get together to write that book.  😉


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