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It’s August.  At this time of year where I live, everyone who hasn’t been on vacation goes on vacation.  And most of those who are on vacation stay there until school starts.

In other words, it’s so quiet, you’d think very few people live here.  Things will be crazy soon enough, with thousands of students coming back to 5 colleges  and moving, orientation, registration, parties, shopping, etc.

But for now, the phone don’t ring.

Last week, my already less-than-patient self had had enough of summer.  No one was returning emails or phone calls.  No performances were being arranged.

What to do?  I caved, pretty much, thinking that either at least one concert had to come through or I would quit.  I hadn’t practiced for two weeks.  Basta.  The end.

And then, only one day later, two concert possibilities surfaced.

So with these two “carrots” and the first rehearsal for a voice recital in a week, I practiced today.  Performing has always been my incentive.  Playing to four walls as an end goal just doesn’t make it for me.

That’s how it happens.  When you’ve given up and are about to quit, something comes through.  I forget that too often.

Look for additional posts about concerts, coming soon.

Do you tend to feel discouraged during down times?  Slow times?  August???  How do you handle that?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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