Bechstein Firmenschriftzug

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This afternoon’s concert, at Applewood in Amherst, went well!  The residents loved the music and verbal program notes, and several people invited me back.  The general consensus was that this was different from “what we usually hear.”

Getting there

I decided to take the bus rather than a cab.  Applewood is just is a short walk from the Hampshire College bus stop.  However, this was homecoming weekend at UMass, plus Trick-or-Treating postponed due last weekend’s storm.

The bus was 50 minutes late!  Fortunately, there was extra time built in, so all I missed was extra practice time and a some pre-concert relaxation.

Several friends came, including a former housemate from college!  Whoa.

Audience members wanted to talk to me afterwards, which is always nice.  Of 3 people who read my bio, one mentioned that her daughter has a restaurant in Aspen, right at the base of the ski lift.  The other 2 had been watching my hands to see what Joan Dornemann taught me!  (They didn’t say what they found out, though.)

Following Katerina Stamatelos’ piece, I asked for a show of hands from people who liked part of it.  It’s a retirement home, after all.  Several people did!  And one resident told me afterwards that she has been to Greece, and she loved the whole piece.  She hadn’t expected to get into anything that was in homage to Bartók.

I was not paid.  I have the name and phone number of the person to call.  He will no doubt send in a requisition, and I will receive a check in the mail in a month or so.

Concert #2

On Wednesday, I will be playing the program below in New York.  I will write another post upon my return.

After the concert

A friend took me out to dinner!  We had fun, and I enjoyed the break a great deal.

And then

I think I’ll sleep well tonight!  I’m exhausted!!!

I’ll do the Sunday puzzle tomorrow night.