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Bongo drum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know that I’m in the throes of concert series details.  I appreciate the visits as well as your patience.

Also, on Saturday morning I participated in a memorial celebration for a UMass professor who passed away last Fall.  His 12-yr.-old granddaughter sang Brahms’ “Lullaby” very well, with flawless German.  She has a beautiful voice, has been studying classical voice for about a year, held it together when she was a little nervous, and was truly a pleasure to work with.

During the celebration, the family showed a video composite of footage they have.  The grandfather played ragtime.  A lot.  All over town.

The grandchildren were included in much of the video.  When Bob would play, they danced.  In one segment, a baby girl was lying on the floor on her back.  When Bob played, she flailed her arms and legs, then enthusiastically pushed herself backwards over and over with her feet!

In another segment, Bob had a bongo drum and another drum on a table.  He would play the bongos with a drumstick for a few seconds, then wait for one of his granddaughters to do something.  So she would play something, and they went back and forth.

And then they had an entire conversation in a totally made-up language.  It was great!

For the concert series, the performers are all set (July 8, 15, 22, and 29).  The reception, programs at the door, and how to collect the donations were finally delegated to others today.  I had been feeling overwhelmed, as I am playing one of the concerts (July 15, which is less than 2 weeks!) and really should be practicing.

The last time I organized a reception was during graduate school!  Since that time, my concert participation has been as a performer.  Someone else always handles the other stuff.

An intern from the local paper interviewed me last week.  An article about the concert series should appear this week.  If so, I’ll post it here.

During the interview, the reporter asked me to elaborate beyond the information she had about each concert.  So I began with the 1st one, Red Valley Fog.

When I told her they sing folk songs for social justice, she didn’t get it.

So I mentioned 4 events they have sung for recently.  She still didn’t get it.

So, out of desperation, I said, “Think Pete Seeger!”

She said, “Who?”

And then she said, “How old are you?”

So we’ll see how the article turns out.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back to more frequent blogging as soon as I can.

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