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Things are going very well! Three concerts have been performed, and the fourth and final concert of our summer series will be next Sunday, July 29th.

Full details about our July 29th concert:  http://RockyHillConcerts.wordpress.com

Now that we are well into the series, I can give you an update.

Yesterday’s concert was a hoot from every perspective!

The performers, Bob Sparkman and Jerry Noble, are wonderful jazz musicians who have been playing together since 1995.  They always talk to the audience, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

People began arriving 45 minutes before the start time!  When they opened the outside door, they heard Bob and Jerry warming up.  One by one as they entered the building, they started dancing!  It was great to see people dancing while holding onto the heavy door, some using their canes to channel Fred Astaire.

Five people in the audience (in groups of 3 and 2) had been expecting to hear a solo piano concert (mine).  The local newspaper had published the wrong information.  I was happy that they came, but knew they felt disappointed.  So I made a point of having a conversation with them.  They all decided to stay.  And I was happy to be able to give them all a DVD of my concert from the previous week.

Audience members talked to each other and to the performers.  Connections were discovered that were previously unknown.

Bob and Jerry played a wonderful rendition of “Just a Closer Walk with Thee,” in which Bob started out with the tune in the low register.  No one in the audience was accustomed to hearing those sounds from a B-flat clarinet, myself included.  An audience member seated near the front had a back-and-forth conversation with Bob at the conclusion of the piece!  Bob picked up on the mood of the audience and spoke to everyone.  (If anyone has told you concerts have to be formal, think again!)

People from the audience approached me with raves about the concert, the venue, the reception, and the series as a whole.

Why does this outcome matter?

That’s what we had hoped would happen!  These have been my goals with this series ever since we started getting it together.  Not just bodies in pews, but a participatory experience for everyone.  Audience members should be engaged and want to come back!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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