Hello Everyone,

This has been such a busy summer!  Planning our July concert series took an enormous amount of time.  And during the 1st two weeks of August, I’ve been catching up on paperwork.

Now the paperwork is done, I’m happy to say.  It’s all up to the post office now.

We have about 2 more weeks of summer.  Things around here get going again during the 1st week of September!  I feel like the impending fragmented (as freelancing tends to be) Fall schedule has snuck up on me.

Right now in Amherst, there is the usual ill-timed construction blocking traffic and creating detours.  The buses are filling up.  U-Hauls are everywhere.  And parents are dropping off their college-age children early.  So the relative peace and quiet of summer is already changing.

The lines at the store checkouts, banks, and post office will reappear soon enough.  The new people in town will add to the frustration level.  (With 5 colleges in the area, there will be several hundred new people at the beginning of school.)

The 2-week plan

I tend to globalize things, resulting in feeling overwhelmed.  When I can sit back and be more realistic, then a logical plan emerges.

This morning, I felt overwhelmed thinking about the last pile of paperwork that needed to be tackled, completed, copied, and put in the mail.  In addition, the soloist for Sunday backed out at the last minute, so there are a new soloist and music to finalize soon.  Add to that a new solo program and 4 interview transcriptions, and you get the idea.  My goal is to finish all that and have time to read a John Grisham book before school starts.

The paperwork came first today.  The 12 pages of forms looked intimidating.  However, only a few lines needed to be filled out.  Add several pages of documents to be copied, and that takes care of it.  The entire package was done in about an hour.  After that, I went to the post office first because it was most convenient geographically.  With postage on the package, I then went to the copy store.  On to the mailbox!  That felt good.  There was still time to pick up the cleaning and The New York Times, after which I had dinner.

Upon arriving home, I emailed the church office about the Sunday bulletin.  It may be done already, in which case there is no need to update the music listings.  We’ll see….

Next come the transcriptions.  They take several hours to complete, so doing them before distractions pile up is important.

I had wanted to learn all the notes to my new solo program before the end of August, but will allow more time.  There is no reason to rush it, so why create more pressure?

Do you have a plan?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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