Autumn leaves of a red-foliage cultivar of Nor...

Autumn leaves of a red-foliage cultivar of Norway Maple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Yesterday was very windy and sunny.  I went out on a short errand, but left my cell phone (and camera) at home.

This is what I saw!

Leaves were falling fast.  Many were carried off the trees by the wind; others had already dropped, landing on branches as a first stop.  All you had to do for leaves to land on your head was go outside.

The foliage is beautiful, but sparser than last week.  The colors appear shimmery in the sun, no longer dense.

One tree, situated in just the right spot, was noticeable because all its branches were blowing horizontally, every leaf at the same angle.  It almost looked like a graphic design with the leaves’ sharp edges.

Large white mushrooms are growing in many lawns.  Their normally flat tops are curved upward at the edges.  Now they look like bowls on pedestals.

A Fall display inside a business included a big white pumpkin!

Following my errand, I came home to practice in the sun, windows and back door open wide.  It’s cooler today, but I could still practice the same way.

“Leaves all over” has a second meaning here.  Tonight the low will be in the 20’s, so that’s it for the foliage.  I don’t remember October being this cold.  Most years, I make it until the week before Thanksgiving without a winter coat.


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