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Give your valentine the gift of music!


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My book will last a lifetime!  The musician in your life will save time and make immediate  progress.  Download the E-book now or order the print version.

Goal-oriented Practice

How to Avoid Traps and Become a Confident Performer

by Gretchen Saathoff

How to Avoid Traps and Become a Confident Performer


My E-book shows you how to make steady progress starting now! Eliminate negative self-talk, overwhelming feelings, and practicing with little improvement.

Written in plain English, no musical jargon.

Shows step-by-step actions you can take.

The print version is produced in landscape format on heavy stock. Spiral binding ensures that the book lies flat. There is plenty of space for you to keep written notes due to single-sided printing. The book is attractive and durable, making it a frequently-used part of your music library for years to come.

If this book doesn’t deliver all that you hoped for, we’ll refund your money ~ you have nothing to lose.

Enjoy at your own pace, see immediate, steady, ongoing improvement in your playing.

If you have any questions about this offer or about my book, please email me at: gret49 [at] hotmail.com.

Read a review by Dr. Gail Fischler, Eastern Arizona College.

Read a review by pianist Catherine Shefski.

Read a review by pianist Robert W. Oliver.

Read a review by jazz musician Tom Saul.

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“Great advice and really works.”

“Can hear themes and voices so clearly! That alone was worth the price!”

“An excellent new resource for practice techniques.”

“Such an important topic. Vital. Your tips are spot on on and your writing is encouraging.”

“Thanks for this wonderful contribution to our literature – it’s a real jewel!”

“…there’s lot of insight in [your book] that applies nicely to other life endeavors besides practicing the piano, and that was apparent just from my first partial reading of it.”

“Students could download [your book], keep it, and refer to it again and again.”

“I just read your e-book, and it is AMAZING. All I could think about was, “why did our teachers never teach us how to practice?” Sure, they would suggest not always starting at the beginning of the piece, but I really think we needed a much more systematic, disciplined approach. Can’t believe all those wasted hours in the practice room.”

“I love the layout of the book… and the sense of humor is perfect….”

“…a PLEASURE to read something so well-written… clear, concise, and organized. A true pleasure.”



Many thanks to all who contributed their expertise and support to make this possible:

to Sean, for assembling all the pieces into one PDF file;

to Charles, for his wonderful feedback and encouragement;

to Louise, Irene, Lauren, and Jane for their support;

to everyone who wrote terrific reviews (see links above);

and to my Facebook and Twitter friends for their ongoing presence.

I couldn’t have done this without you!

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