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Today, March 10th, would have been my mother’s 100th birthday.

Caroline Saathoff

Caroline Moorman Saathoff (1913-1970)

I am writing this post as a tribute to my mother  as well as to tell you about a wonderful coincidence.

Last Sunday as we were nearing the end of my church choir rehearsal, I asked the choir members what they wanted to sing on March 10th.  One alto stated her choice immediately!  She loves “In the Garden,” and old hymn everyone in the choir (and the congregation) knows very well.

In the Garden

We rehearsed the hymn briefly… I think we had just enough time left before the service to sing one verse.  That went great, so I am not concerned about tomorrow in the least.

Then on Tuesday, I needed to choose a prelude and postlude and send the titles and composers to the office for Sunday’s bulletin.

When I looked at “In the Garden” closely enough to learn the composer’s name and the date it was written, I found that it was composed in 1913, the year of my mother’s birth!  (Other sources put the composition date at 1912.)

So tomorrow, Sunday, I will focus on the coincidence and the hymn rather than the death of my mother 42 years ago.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you.

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