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I am one of those people who reads The New York Times every day.  Because articles often catch my eye while flipping through the paper, subscribing only to the online version would be unsatisfactory.

When scrolling through headlines on the web, the gist of an article or a photograph will be lost.  So, since I am not a scientist, for example, I probably would not click on a title about plasma physics.  Seeing a photo that catches my eye, or maybe an article summary on the page itself, results in my reading more of the paper and being more informed.

That’s how this article came to my attention.  I am not a golfer.  But as it turns out, professional golfers  and professional musicians have a lot in common.

Winning Battle of Nerves Against Himself, a Player Is Again Taking On the Tour

The New York Times, May 5, 2013

An important point made in the article, to me, is that Mr. Karlsson asked someone to help who could address his specific problem.  Asking his best friend or his cousin may not have had the same effect.

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