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Thomaskirche (Photo credit: Stefan Schlautmann)

The St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig sang a concert in New York last Tuesday.

Clicking on the link above will take you to the choir’s terrific web site.

Upon reading this review, I was so impressed, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Speaking with a college student, I mentioned that the choir is 800 yrs. old and was conducted at one time by J.S. Bach. The student responded, “Who?”

So now, as I continue scraping my jaw off the floor, I wonder at what age people typically become acquainted with Bach. And I realize that it would have been unavoidable for me:  my parents met in college choir; my father was a Lutheran minister;  and my older sister is a (former) wonderful organist.

Although I was not a prodigy and had no early access to an elite musical education, music has always been a huge part of my life.  Piano lessons at age 6 and organ lessons at 14 meant playing Bach Inventions, Preludes, and Fugues.  Singing in choruses at school included performances of “Singet dem Herrn,” “Magnificat,” and “Christ lag in Todesbanden.”  The Lutheran hymnal includes so many chorales harmonized by Bach.  So becoming acquainted with Bach was unavoidable.

 Which path has your Bach experience taken?  Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section below!


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