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On a recent Tuesday, The Hartt School had a makeup lesson day for voice students.  The goal was to help everyone get what they needed after encountering two snow days earlier in the semester.

My colleagues and I were asked to be available during our regular Tuesday schedules.  The voice teachers had different students at “our” times, but it all worked out.  We juggled.

As it turned out, the other pianists and I saw each other in our “office” more than usual.  We have no office, so we talk, look at music, make phone calls, have lunch, etc., in the hallway.

Sometime during the afternoon, Matthew, one of my colleagues, took a seat on a bench near me.  He asked, “What are you doing on May 27th?”  His question surprised me, because I live in MA, not CT.

I said, “Nothing,” without looking at my schedule.  School would be over for the summer, so I was pretty sure.  Then I inquired into why he was asking.

“I need a sub for a children’s choir dress rehearsal.” “I live in MA, you know.”  He gets it.  His sister just graduated from UMass.  He has been here many times, and knows it involves time to commute.

“How much is your transportation?” So I told him.

“I’ll send you the music ahead of time, and pay your transportation plus the rehearsal fee.”

Of course I said “Yes!”

And that, my friends, is the way to hire a sub!

Thanks so much, Matt!  I’m happy to help, and look forward to meeting a new conductor!

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