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Thanks to the pianist Christopher O’Riley, here is brand new information that makes it easier for instrumentalists to navigate airport security:

Christopher O’Riley

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a great idea by Kyle Price to protect traveling string players: In light of the recent Time for Three situation involving instruments on the airplanes I have designed a STICKER (5 inch by 3 inch) which can be applied DIRECTLY onto instrument cases regarding the federal public law, title IV section 403 which, “Requires an air carrier to permit an air passenger to carry, without charge, a violin, guitar, or other musical instrument on a passenger aircraft if it can be stowed safely in a suitable baggage compartment or under a passenger seat in accordance with FAA requirements for carry-on baggage or cargo. Sets forth requirements for the carriage of musical instruments as checked baggage or as occupants of a purchased seat.” By showing this sticker on our cases, we can now provide flight attendants and crew with the federal law which supports our rights with the instruments and there place on board and safety from disaster. This kind of stuff has happened to often and I hope this can serve as a simple way to help solve this boarding issue. If anyone is interested in getting a sticker please message me. Part of the sticker proceeds will go to the non-for-profit Chamber Music Connection cmconnection.org .

Kyle Price Hey Christopher O’Riley! Thanks for your support here is the link to the design.http://files.wnd.vphosted.com/…/4a8438f1a446c70e052ff6f..


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