St Thomas the Apostle w htfd 3

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St Thomas the Apostle w htfd

On Tuesday evening, I subbed as rehearsal accompanist for a children’s choir rehearsal.  Two choirs were involved, each with their own conductor, plus an excellent oboe soloist.

There is a choral festival at this venus on Sunday. 

The rehearsal was at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in West Hartford, CT.  The bulding is quite large and beautiful, with impressive grounds.

These are cell phone pictures taken in the rain.  Not great, but perhaps you can get an idea of the grandeur of the place.  I’ll try using a higher resolution next time I take pics.


The rehearsal began in the social hall downstairs.  Each choir assembled on one side of the room, near a Korg synthesizer. I was happy to find that the pedal was attached to a horizontal rod which ran the width of the keyboard!  So the pedal stayed put.  Very often, the pedal is attached only by a cable that plugs into a jack on the keyboard.  Even when there is a rubberized base on the pedal, it slips away with use.  So the keyboard player has to retrieve it w/his or her feet during breaks in the music.  Sometimes it works fairly well to (a) tape the pedal to the floor; or (b) wedge the pedal against the base of the music stand. (Sometimes the keyboard has a music rack arrangement included.  At other times, an orchestra music stand can be used… the big black kind.)


The choruses I was involved with sang: Lullaby, Traditional Welsh Folk Melody arr. Nigel E. Jones Fairest Lady from “The Nursery Rhyme Cantata”, Nick Page Mary Had a Little Blues, Charles A. Collins Esurientes, Antonio Vivaldi Song for the Mira, Allister MacGillivray, arr. Stuart Calvert Ton Thé, Jeanne and Robert Gilmore, arr. Susan Brumfield

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