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This post is by way of Larry Fried via Twitter.  He responded to my previous post with this intriguing idea:

@GretchensPianos U might be interested in a very good hymn written by a rock band of all things. Cud U adapt it?

@Larry_Fried Super song! Tks for sending! May be better as a solo w/congregation added @ “I’m waiting to be called.” 

@GretchensPianos Really glad u liked it 😉 Was Hoping
u cud use something a little less traditional.The original has harmony on the verse

I’m thinking that a church choir could handle harmony as a backup to a soloist.  Having the congregation join in on the refrain would encourage participation and a sense of belonging, rather than the choir being the only people singing.  (Sometimes people in a congregation can feel removed from the music, and begin to feel like they are not welcome to sing in their own church.  We are interested in fostering the exact opposite!)

What do you think?  Comments welcome!

Thanks so much, Larry.

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