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Source:  Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Are you looking for alternatives to standard hymns?  Here is a list of some resources you may want to try:

Alice Parker

Good Singing in Church
Creative Hymn Singing
Alice Parker’s Melodious Accord Hymnal
Alice Parker’s website
 newsletters, workshop information

American Guild of Organists

Mini-course on Creative Hymn Playing
AGO website workshops, resources pertaining to service playing, recordings

Recommendation from a cathedral organist

Hymn Playing:  A Modern Colloquium by Stuart Forster

Joe Kenney

My friend Joe Kenney likes songs by Michael W. Smith and Rich Mullins.  They can be found on YouTube.  Joe makes his own adaptations for solo voice and guitar, sometimes adding a percussion instrument.  I find them quite effective.  The lights and orchestra in the videos are not required to have a positive experience.

Andrew Remillard

Mr. Remillard is in the process of making piano recordings of the entire Presbyterian hymnal.  He says he is about halfway there, and has posted his work on YouTube. Listen to the way he approaches tempo, moving forward when the words demand it.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I hope it is helpful.  My recommendations include visiting a variety of church services, adapting hymns and worship songs to fit your congregation’s abilities, and thinking outside the box.  By making only a few simple changes, people’s interest and participation can be sparked and congregational singing improved.

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